PLDX2 Kits: Single-Pin Scopes

Kits Vary Based on Scope Brand, Fiber Diameter & Fiber Color

1. Select Thread Size for Sight Pin Light 
  • Most Scopes use 8-32
  • Axcel Scopes use 3/8-32
    • Must Have Axcel Sight, Windage Rod, Scope & Ring Pin
  • Some Custom Scopes may use 10-32 (See Multi-Pin Sights)
  • Some Hybrid Scopes may use 1/4-28 (See Multi-Pin Sights)
  • For Stick-On Dots on a Lens or Fluorescent Beads on a Wire 
    • Order a UV (Ultra-Violet) Purple Kit
2. Select Fiber Diameter Included with Kit 
  • Based on your scope's pin diameter you have/will use

3. Select Fiber Color for Fiber diameter you want 

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